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Why Small Businesses Should Focus On Product Or Service Quality For Black Friday

As a female entrepreneur, you probably get a lot of conflicting information about how you “should” act. Is it OK to be assertive? Or will that make people not like you? Is it OK to be kind, or does that mean people will take advantage of you?

Are there items on your shopping list that, no matter what, you refuse to buy the generic version? Sure, you like a good deal, but sometimes you just like knowing that you are getting something with true quality.

As a business owner, it’s important to radiate confidence in the quality of your product or service. You’ve worked hard building your brand. Don’t be afraid to hype it up a little. You know your product or service is worth it.

People will spend money on things they have trust in. Build that trust. Here are some things to point out to customers to help sway them to the mindset that “it’s worth it”.

Personalized Care

Have you ever tried calling an internet service provider or insurance agency and got nothing but electronic prompts? It can be so frustrating not connecting with an actual human.

Customer service and connecting with real people can make a big difference.

✓ Set up multiple platforms of communication

✓ Stay on top of responses to online comments and questions

✓ Offer loyalty programs

✓ Be active on social media

✓ Offer custom solutions to problems

✓ Be honest, kind, and genuine

You know what it means to be treated well as a customer — I’m sure a place even came to your mind as you are reading this blog. Think about what they did to keep you coming back. Give it a try yourself!


For some reason, blacksmiths welding swords for battle come to mind with the word craftsmanship — but that idea has now transformed. Craftsmanship = The level of attention in the construction of any product or service.


✓ Quality materials

✓ Attention to detail

✓ Care and Consideration

All things people pay attention to. It would be like buying a bed that’s rock hard and lumpy. You go for comfort and durability with things like that.

So if you are selling a product, ask yourself — what is something you can highlight about it that would prove it is high quality?


When you hear the word “craftsmanship” you might think of products only — but this can apply to a service as well.

Take a pizza shop for example. You can tell which place pays attention to ingredients and flavors — and which ones whip up pies that are generic and underwhelming.

Real people evaluating the best options and coming up with personalized plans or options will always win people over.


I trust my car's seat belt. And every other car's seat belt as well. We depend on them to keep us safe in a crash — and they have proven that they can do that.

Would you trust seat belts if only half of them actually worked? I bet not. Thank goodness that’s not the case!


You need to show your customers that they can depend on your product.

✓ Give demonstrations

✓ Showcase testimonials

✓ Show side by side comparisons

✓ Put it to a test

Ask yourself — would you use it? Why?

I know you’ve got something good — now let’s see it!


Person to service dependability is incredibly important as well.

Imagine hosting a weekly yoga class and canceling on a regular basis. Yikes. People are going to start questioning the dependability of you and that class.

Or if the bus driver for your kids' school started showing up late. It just wouldn’t fly!

Demonstrate dependability within your product or service so that people can feel confident about choosing your business over others.


Do you notice that when you go into the home of any senior citizen — they tend to have a stove or refrigerator from around 1990 that’s still up and running like it’s brand new?

That’s impressive.

In all the rush to create products in today’s age, we’ve seemed to have lost quality and longevity.

Show your customers that your product is going to last. And if you have a service, show your customers what they can get out of it for the long haul.


Be a company that can (and wants) to show…

✓ Care

✓ Craftsmanship

✓ Dependability

✓ Longevity

These all play into one another. Make sure that you have these features in your product or service and you let your customers know about it.

These features will only help you and your business on the road to success

We’re Here For You

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