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7 Things Your Team Needs Most From You

As a female entrepreneur, you probably get a lot of conflicting information about how you “should” act. Is it OK to be assertive? Or will that make people not like you? Is it OK to be kind, or does that mean people will take advantage of you?

As an entrepreneur, you’re most likely working with a team of people. No matter how many people you work with, it’s your responsibility to lead your team to your goals as a whole. You don’t necessarily have to have tons of leadership experience, but being able to relate to your team is important in maintaining a standard of excellence within your company. The way that you and your team work together inherently affects the final product given to your clients, whether that be a physical product or a service. Regardless of the details, know that you have to be there for your team no matter what. Don’t feel pressured – we’ve compiled a list of the 7 most important things your team needs from you in the workplace!

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One thing that employees often complain about is the lack of consistency in their boss’ demands. The fact of the matter is that your team looks up to you as the leader each day. They’re looking to you for guidance and assignments, so if you’re not consistent in how you do this, there could be some misunderstandings. Most people prefer to work in a routine of some sorts, and although the daily tasks of your jobs may be constantly changing, the process in which you do these tasks can be the same. Develop a guide in video or text format to keep your team on the same page throughout your busy schedules. Your colleagues will thank you in the long run for a standard practice that keeps everyone organized.


Being adaptable for your team means being flexible not only in the way you work out your schedules, but also in the way that you complete your daily tasks. Think about how an office usually works: there are processes for things and everyone usually plays their own specific part in the bigger picture. This is standard in all areas of business, but sometimes things just don’t fit into the mold you’ve created as a business. Being open to altering the way things are done sometimes is just as important as consistency, so try to present an even balance to your team.


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Along your professional journey I’m sure you’ve encountered a boss or colleague that was like the “school mascot” of your business. Their excitement for projects and tasks was usually contagious and the whole office secretly envied this person’s work ethic and enthusiasm. You might not be overly thrilled about the specifics of every business-related endeavor, but you can find ways regardless to ignite that spark in your entire team. Showing that you’re excited to lead your team will only motivate them to do better each day. Your appreciation for their work should be portrayed as well. We all know how great it feels to get a pat on the back for encouragement!


Your team looks to you for guidance and boundaries. Setting expectations for daily or weekly goals is necessary to influence your team positively. Your expectations can be specific to members of your team because they’re each completing different tasks. Don’t set your expectations too high, though, as this will only cause stress and feelings of inadequacy among your team. Keep things reasonable and goals reachable so that your team stays motivated, too.


One of the most powerful tools in business is feedback. Different from criticism, feedback can be positive or negative, but it’s always constructive. Your feedback should be given to the members of your team daily. You can do more in-depth weekly reports on their performance, but giving daily feedback is what makes the difference in the workplace. Your team can’t know if they’re doing things properly and productively if you’re not staying in touch with them about the work they’re completing. They may not ask you for feedback, but even a quick email or comment on a document can be helpful for their process. Most employees are looking for guidance or reassurance as they complete their work, so try giving a small piece of feedback (even if it’s a quick thumbs-up emoji on a completed task!) to ensure that you’re keeping the flow of communication open on both ends. At She Reigns Creative, we love using emojis and reactions in our chat forums to acknowledge each other’s work!


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You’ve hired the people that work with you for a reason – they’re in alignment with your values and you like who they are as a person and a professional. It’s important to foster the relationships you’ve made with your colleagues in order to maintain a positive business environment, so work on staying connected. This should be at a professional level and shouldn’t cross any personal boundaries, but get to know each other! Set up some exercises within the office to stay in touch about some of the fun things you all have going on in other aspects of your lives. Having a connection with the people you work with can change the way you work in so many positive ways.


Though your team needs guidance and stability, you have to leave room for creative processes to flow. Giving your team freedom in their schedules can be really beneficial to the various ways people feel productive. You can also leave your team members some freedom when it comes to the finer details of some projects, like design elements or additional suggestions. Allowing your team to fit the mold of your company, but add their individual personal touches to each task will make for an outcome that will stand out from the rest.

At She Reigns Creative, we work to give you the quickest tips for the highest success rate. We know from personal experience that these elements are essential in creating a workspace that gives your team inspiration and gets them excited about going to work each day. We want to help you learn more strategies to grow your business. Sign up for a FREE consultation!

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