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How to find your inner business voice in all the noise? [EP 02]

Show Notes:

Description: In this episode, Melissa takes on a solo discussion with her listeners to explain the importance of simplifying your diet and mindset.

In this episode you’ll learn:

01:30 It Really is Simple to be Healthy!
02:30 Get Enough Sleep
03:30 Water!
05:20 Think Things Through…
08:40 Educate yourself

It Really is Simple to be Healthy!
Melissa opens up by asking Dr. Tarman to discuss what her role is in terms of helping people with food addiction as Melissa breaks down the idea that living a healthy lifestyle is quite simple. Regardless of how stressful it seems to get to the place you want to be in terms of healthy living, You have to realize that once you overcome the obstacles along the way, the bottom line is simple. She reiterates that getting to a healthy mindset is a long process full of difficult trials, but healthy living and the components of a healthy life are easy to adopt.

Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and although your job and lifestyle may prevent you from getting a full 8 hours each night, you have to fit the right amount of sleep into your life if you want to maintain a status of overall health. Melissa discusses naps and ways to make up for lost sleep, but mainly urges you to adjust your lifestyle so that you can “keep your sleep tank full!”

Along with getting enough sleep, hydration is super important to ensure that your body is staying regulated. Melissa explains different diets and levels of food intake that allow some leeway when it comes to water consumption, but still suggests drinking a lot of water everyday regardless of what you eat.

Think Things Through…
Melissa lives by a very practical way of thinking. In the section of her podcast, she discusses how you can think about what you put into your body. She compares your mind set to that of one you would have regarding your child or a beloved pet. If you wouldn’t feed something to your pet or baby, why would you feed it to yourself? Obviously this does not apply to every food item, but it helps put into perspective how we make excuses for ourselves. Nurturing and caring for another being means giving it the healthiest foods, so focus on doing the same thing for yourself.

Educate Yourself
Melissa urges her listeners to really take time and educate themselves when it comes to food. Watching a short TED Talk or YouTube video documentary can give you some more insight into the food industry, food preparation, and nutrition without causing a lot of stress or anxiety around the subject. Using these forms of educational entertainment to give yourself a better idea of how food plays a role in your life can give you a new perspective. Education is key and knowledge is power!

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