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3 Mistakes That Make Your Content Feel Scripted

As a female entrepreneur, you probably get a lot of conflicting information about how you “should” act. Is it OK to be assertive? Or will that make people not like you? Is it OK to be kind, or does that mean people will take advantage of you?

We all know that feeling when you’re reading through a blog post or scrolling on social media and you stumble across something that just rubs you the wrong way. It could be something that sounds too “salesy” or maybe you just disagree with what the post says. Either way, you scroll right past because it sounds just like a hundred other things you’ve read online today. There comes a point when you realize that a lot of the content you’re consuming in the media is far from genuine. There are signs of scripted content everywhere, and while sometimes it works, most of the time you’re better off advertising yourself without being so cut and dry.

We’ve identified the top three mistakes people make with their content, why it feels scripted — and an easy way to change that!

Depersonalized Voice

The first and most common mistake that you can make when scripting your content is losing your personal voice. When you're talking to the people that are following you on social media, you should focus on talking to them like you’d talk to your friends. You shouldn't create a weird facade with your online community, because if there were ever an opportunity to meet them in person, you wouldn’t meet their expectations. Just because you present yourself a certain way as an entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you have to create multiple personalities in the process. Part of your brand identity is who you are as a person, so make sure you're staying true to who you are.

The minute you take away your own voice, you lose everything that your business stands for. Maintaining a personalized voice for your brand is necessary so that you don’t sound like a robot trying to prove that you’re worthy of their business. People want to hear that you KNOW you’re worthy of their business and they want to hear your “why”.

All of that comes from your personality and your own experiences. Sharing that with the people who are consuming your content will be a game changer and you’ll start to build trust, just like you would in a friendship over time.

Too Many CTA’s

A call to action is a necessary part of every interaction you have with your clientele. However, overusing a call to action has proven to be detrimental to a business’ success. You’ve probably seen advertisements on TV or social media that repeat the words “call now” or “sign up now” over and over again. They use repetition as a way to force you into a decision quickly. This old-school way of advertising is barely successful because it makes any potential customer feel pressured to make a commitment right away. Many people feel uneasy with these types of pitches and they often turn away quickly. Whenever possible, you want to avoid overusing your CTA’s. Before you post or send out an email to your clients, reread what you’ve written and put yourself in their shoes. Do you feel pressured? Are there too many demands or questions? Are you bombarded with feelings of urgency? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to rephrase your CTA’s so that your audience feels less pressured and more informed. This will make them more likely to ask for even more information and they’ll see that you’re interested in helping them, not selling to them.

Inconsistent Ideas

Another common mistake you can make when presenting yourself through your content is portraying inconsistent ideas. No, we don't mean that you have to go with the grain, but you should remain consistent in what you believe in. If you are a marketing professional, stick to that. If you are a fitness coach, you shouldn't be talking about fashion. While it’s okay to branch out sometimes, you should make sure that your ideas flow from one piece of content to another so that your followers feel safe. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to see someone you look up to switch gears and move from one thing to another. People who follow you on social media or interact with any of your content are doing so because they agree with you for the most part. They want to hear what you have to say, so try to remain consistent in the way you deliver your opinions.

At She Reigns Creative, we work to give you the quickest tips for the highest success rate. We know from personal experience that it can be difficult to create personalized content. We want to help you learn more strategies to grow your business. Sign up for a FREE consultation, today!

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